RSM GC is pleased to release report on Integrated Reporting <IR>. The report should  answer common queries – such as why is <IR> necessary and how to do <IR>.

Some of the highlights from the report

  • The value of intangible assets grew from 17% in 1975 to over 84% of total market value in 2015, for S&P 500 companies.

Are you capturing value of your intangible assets?

  • To conform to SEBI circular of 6th February 2017, should company provide IR information in the annual report separately OR incorporate in Management Discussion & Analysis OR Provide in a separate report.


  • “Despite an increase in the volume and frequency of information made available by companies, access to more data for public equity investors has not necessarily translated into more comprehensive insight into companies”- A Manifesto for Sustainable Capitalism.

Are you disclosing adequate and relevant non-financial information required by your investors?

  • Organizational journey towards Integrated Reporting would differ from entity to entity depending upon its strategic clarity, processes and systems which are already in place. Organizations with experience in sustainability or non-financial reporting for significant number of years or with robust internal management accounting, business excellence or balance score card deployment, may find Step Ahead is their First step or in some cases whatever they are already doing may require recast to become the leader


  • One step at a time- Four steps: phased, pragmatic customized <IR> adoption framework; Lead and Harness <IR> advantage in three years


  • Conduct strategy mapping and fill in Value creation worksheet; collate indicators to measure/assess state of value creation factors and deployment of strategy for the relevant <IR> capitals

Please download report at link below.

Integrated reporting – why about &amp; how to Guide-RSM GC